Dahlia Society of Tennessee
We are located in the great city of Chattanooga with
members in the city and in many of the surrounding
towns. We also have members that live in Georgia and

Please browse through our pages. Look at the
pictures of beautiful dahlias on our photo gallery page
and the pages featuring members’ gardens. If you
would like to learn how to grow beautiful dahlias in the
South, check out our "Dahlia Care" page.
We sell our blooms in the fall at the Chattanooga
Market.  Visit the market’s website at
chattanoogamarket.com.  We also have two tuber
sales in the Spring, so watch this site and we will post
that information when it's available. Then you can
come join us to purchase quality tubers that will take
the heat in the South.

Monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of
every month, at 6pm EST, at Wally’s Restaurant in
East Ridge, Tennessee. Visit the restaurant’s site for
Jess is our flower of
the year for 2014
If you love to grow flowers than you will love to grow
Dahlias. There are 19 different forms and 10 different
sizes, and their dazzling colors and  amazing blooms will
be a delight for your eyes until frost takes them away  
and until your next year blooms begin.  Come join us
and learn how to grow these amazing flowers.
Our first tuber sale will be held at The Bachman
Comunity Center, Signal Mountain, Tn  on April 26th from
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  We will also be at the Chattanooga
Market for the first 3 Sundays they are open, April 27th,
May 4th and May 11th.  We will be outside for all of these
events so be sure to look for our booth.  We will have a
lot of good varieties to sell this year.  Please go to
Tubersforsale above to see some of the varieties we will
have to sell.