Dahlia Society of Tennessee
We  have finally set the dates for our tuber
sales this spring.  The first on April 18th at
The Bachman Community Center Garden &
Art Expo (this one weather permitting you
should check this site before going), and at
the Chattanooga Market on April 25th & 26th
and also May 3rd.  When we know what
variety of tubers we will have available I will
post them
.  We will also have a booth  at the Master
Gardeners Expo, Camp Jordan in East Ridge,
Chattanooga on April 11, 2015.  We will not be selling
tubers at this event but stop by and learn about the
Tennessee Dahlia Society.
If you love to grow flowers than you will love to grow
Dahlias. There are 19 different forms and 10 different
sizes, and their dazzling colors and  amazing blooms  
until frost takes them away  and until your next year
blooms begin.  Come join us and learn how to grow
these amazing flowers.
Founded for the purpose of stimulating interest,
disseminating information and promoting the culture and
development of the dahlia.

The umbrella goal of the Tennessee Dahlia Society is to
recruit, equip and train its members to be future leaders
of the Tennessee Dahlia Society, thus assuring the
society will prosper well in the future.
We are located in the great city of Chattanooga with members in the city and
in many of the surrounding towns. We also have members that live in
Georgia and Alabama.

Monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month, except
December, at 6pm EST. for dinner and meetings begin at 6:30 p.m., at  
Wally's Restaurant in East Ridge, Tennessee.
Schedule of Meetings:

January 20   Soil Preparation-Planning for Planting
     Presenter: Charles Lancaster, UGA Agircultural Ex. Agent

February 17  Learn to Speak the Dahlia "Language
     Presenters: Carl Ellis & Ann Buggey

March 17        Preparations for Planting
     Presenter:  Herb Pace

April 21           When & How to Plant
     Presenter:  Sam Moses
May 19            Care of Growing Plants & Garden Pets
     Presenters: Ray Phillips & Barbara Hussey

June 16          Tying, Stopping, Dis-budding & Fertilization
     Presenters:  Rose Newsom & Debra Holland  

July 21
             How to arrange dahlias bouquets for your
                     and gifts for friends
     Presenters:  Jay Borton & Tony Russo

August 18       Seed Collection & Growing your Own
     Presenter:  Jeff Partin

September 15 How to Arrange Dahlias for Shows
     Presenters:  Ray Phillips & Harold Stewart

September 19/20     Tennessee Dahlia Show
                     Held: Erlanger at Volkswagen Drive
                    Chattanooga, Tn

October 20       Digging, Dividing & Storing T ubers
          Presenters: Les Wilkinson & Donna Bourdon

November 17   Year Review & Recommendations
           Presenters: Christy Murphy & Bob Poletz

December TBA  Society Christmas Party
           Presenters:  Pat Phillips, Mary Coppinger
                                  and Dolores Ellis